NSS® Wrangler 3330DB Automatic Scrubber - 33", 235AH Wet

NSS® Wrangler 3330DB Automatic Scrubber - 33", 235AH Wet

Item # NSS3302274

  • Perfect for large areas in retail, healthcare, hospitality and light industrial facilities.
  • Brush motor: 0.75 HP, 200 RPM; Pad pressure: 100, 200 lbs.
  • Brush/Pad: 2 x 17"; Squeegee: Curved
  • Solution tank: 30 Gal.; Recovery tank: 32 Gal.; Solution flow rates: 0 to 1.0 GPM, manual valve
  • Drive motor: 0.5 HP
  • Vacuum motor: 0.75 HP; CFM: 73; Water lift: 70"
  • 36V, 2 permanent magnet, gear motors, .75 HP each, 300 RPM
  • Batteries: (6) 6V 235AH Wet; Run time: Up to 3.2 hours
33", 235AH, ea

Simple operation and durable construction make this scrubber a superior choice for your cleaning in program. The large scrub deck and 30-gallon solution tank facilitates exceptional productivity with fewer trips to drain and refill the machine. Built for daily commercial use. Simple controls. Operated by just a few switches and mechanical levers, custodians can be ready to clean with just a few minutes of training.


  • A safety switch stops the machine if pressed by the operator.
  • Ergonomic handle grips and an easy to use twist throttle to control working speed.
  • Hour meter tracks usage to schedule maintenance intervals.
  • Side skirts can be mounted upside-down for transport.
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated 7-gage steel frame holds up to years of daily use.
  • Bumper wheels protect the surroundings from accidental damage.
  • This walk behind scrubber is built to work well on vinyl, terrazzo, or tile floors.


  • Sound Level: 66 dbA @ operator
  • Speed: Variable forward up to 260 ft, reverse up to 175 ft.
  • Wheels: 10" dia x 4", non-marking rubber
  • Weight: 915 lbs. with batteries